Aromatherapy Fragrance can be created by blending one or more pure essential oils to create a custom blend.

Closeup image of White Lilac blooms.

     When combining essential oils for aromatherapy one should consider the scent notes that each oil may contribute to the finished blend as this will assure a more pleasing outcome.

What are scent notes?

     Scent notes are divided into three categories, high (top), middle, and low (base) much like musical notes on a scale.

     A fragrance can have either one single note or more to create a well rounded fragrance experience.

The Top Note:

     The top or high scent note is the very first scent your nose picks up in a fragrance. It usually is light and very fleeting, dissipates quickly not lasting long.

The Middle Note:

     The middle scent note takes more time to detect because it is in between the top and low (base) notes.  The middle scent note can mix well with the top or low notes and be very hard to pick up and distinguish all alone. Sometimes it combines and takes on the qualities of the other notes.

The Base Note:

     The base or low scent note is the total opposite of the top note. This is the fragrance with the most longevity and is able to stick around for a while. These base notes tend to smell "heavy" to your nose. Many of the wood fragrances are considered to be your base notes.

     When blending an aromatherapy fragrance the most pleasing ones are balanced in that the contain a top, middle and base note making a well rounded balanced fragrance.

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