Fragrance is important and plays a leading role in our daily life, affecting our mood and demeanor, sometimes without us even knowing.

Closeup image of blooming pink rose      The fragrance travels through our nose which sends signals to our brain. The brain is then stimulated and brain waves are either 
intensified or slowed down and calmed by the scent stimulation.

     Smells can then put you in a good mood or in the case of a unpleasant smell a bad one. Think about all the smells that assault your nose on a daily basis as you travel about your day. The lovely smells from the road crew as they put down the fresh asphalt pavement later triggers a headache in many individuals. What about the walk down the detergent aisle in your local grocery store? The chemical assault seems to be everywhere.

     Think now about a walk through a flower garden or maybe a hike in the woods after a rain.  The natural fragrance is very calming and
Closeup image of purple pansy flowers
relaxing and affects our whole mental attitude.
  Scents can affect your mood so much that studies have shown that you can even be enticed more into shopping if certain scents are present in a store. Smells can also take you back to a different time or place and stimulate the remembrance of certain memories. Scent is a powerful thing.

     Using aromatherapy fragrance can dramatically alter your day in a positive way allowing less stress to your body and a better mindset allowing you and those around you to function better.

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