Here you will find some ways to use essential oils.

     The principle ways or methods of using essential oils are vaporizing/diffusing, inhalation, massage and bathing. The following recipes should give you ideas as to how you too can use essential oils everyday to enhance and improve your environment and health.

Create your Own  Aromatherapy Shampoo:

     One of my favorite recipes is to add 10-20 drops of my favorite essential oil to my shampoo. I love to add either Lavender or Rosemary oils either alone or in combination.  Tea Tree, Eucalyptus and Mint would also work well.  You may also add essential oils to lotions as well.  Make sure you research the essential oil first so you know its properties and recommended uses.  An easy way to do this is on the internet.  I buy organic all natural shampoo which sometimes has an essential oil already in it, but, you can also get in unscented.  This recipe is for a 20 oz or larger size bottle. Adjust for smaller shampoo sizes. Checkout our store for ready made aromatherapy hair care products with organic essential oils.


 Aromatherapy Room Spray / Air Freshener:

     Another of my favorite things is to create my own room spray for freshening my house or car.  Simply add drops of essential oil to a spray bottle of water. Please don't use any bottle that previously held chemicals or hair spray of any kind. If you are a purist then use distilled water.  I find that tap water works fine for me.  Make sure you shake well before each use to mix the fragrance. The strength of the scent can be varied by the amount of essential oil you add. Don't spray on fine furniture but into the air,  toward the center of the room. Make sure to stay away from painted walls  since damage could occur.  When using this in your car don't leave the spray bottle in the vehicle exposing it to extreme heat which will damage the fragile essential oils. Try to avoid spraying mist on plastic and vinyl surfaces of your cars interior to avoid damage to the finish. Try Lavender, Bergamot, Vanilla or Geranium either alone or in combination with each other. This is where fun begins! We have a wide selections of home care products in our store.

Potpourri Refresher:

     This will refresh a bowl of potpourri and renew it scent. Add drops of your favorite oil or oils to bowls of potpourri to give it new life.  Mix well and let sit for a while before making the conclusion the scent is too weak. You can always add more essential oil to the mix. When you add one or more essential oils they need time to blend together to achieve the full effect.Try Rose, or Lavender or Geranium.

There are 100's of recipes for sprays, massage oils, personal care products.  You can even make up your own customized to what you like.

Make your own Bath Salts:

     Instead of purchasing expensive aromatherapy bath salts make your own.  I like to use Dead Sea salts which you can purchase at most of your local drug stores or at Walmart.  Simply add 10 to 20 drops, depending on the size of your container of bath salts. Shake it up well.  You do need room in the container for the salt to move around so the oil can be dispersed throughout. You might need to either place the salts into a larger airtight container or remove some to a plastic bag to add back later. Making you own custom recipe makes a great gift idea as well.  See other great aromatherapy bath and body products in our store.

Easy Hair Aromatherapy:

One of the easiest  aroma therapeutic tips for hair is to add a drop or two of essential oil to a natural bristle brush and then brush the fragrance into your lovely locks. Essential Oils to try - Lavender, Rose or Jasmine.

Easy Bathroom Refresher:

Place a few drops of essential oil inside the cardboard tube of a new roll of toilet paper.  Every time someone reaches for tissue the scent will be dispersed. So much nicer and healthier than those awful artificial fragrances!

Steam Inhalation Therapy:

     An easy way of doing steam inhalation is to put 1-2 pints of water of very warm water in a bowl along with 2-8 drops of the desired essential oil. (Use either a blend of oils or a single oil.) Place a towel over your head and the bowl and inhale deeply through your nose for a minute or so. - This is a great way to ease congestion if you have a cold!

Disclaimer :

     Aromatherapy tips and tricks assumes no liability for your use or formulation of any recipe or tips listed on this site. It is your sole responsibility to educate yourself on essential oils,absolutes and hydrosols, to understand their unique properties, and to practice sound judgment in their use.