There are many individuals suffering from sciatica who have benefited greatly from massage. Thus, it is evident that using different massage techniques for sciatica is a good way of getting rid of sciatica pain. There are different massage techniques for chronic and bed ridden sciatica patients. However, the most popular forms of massage must be done regularly, in order to have the healing effect on the patient.

Of the many massage techniques for sciatica, the most evident division is between Oriental and Western techniques. However, the massage that you will be getting depends on the kind of sciatica you are suffering from. Thus, before embarking upon regular massage for sciatica, it is best to see an expert who will determine which massage technique suits you best.

Different Massage techniques For Sciatica

The various massage techniques for sciatica include ischemic compression, gluteus medius, quadratus lumborum, cross fiber friction and psoas major. However, all therapists are aware of the fact that the sciatica nerve must not be meddled with too much during any of these massages. Even in cases of Piriformis Syndrome, a great deal of care needs to be taken while working on the piriformis muscle because the sciatic nerve is very close to it. We have a nerve in our body called the sciatic nerve. When this nerve is in an inflamed state, it gives rise to a painful condition. There is a numbing pain on one side or both, accompanied by difficulty in leg movement. Piriformis Syndrome is the state when the sciatic nerve goes through the piriformis muscle instead of going below it.


There are certain methods that are used while conducting massages for sciatica patients. The most common and useful techniques include static compression or longitudinal strapping. This massage technique for sciatica has emerged as very successful one. Through this technique, the therapist can reach to the depths of the muscle and contraction enables the therapist to use a great of force. A good therapist is the one who has a good idea about the muscular imbalance and knows how to deal with it. Another thing that most therapists should do is to massage on the hip rotators and the muscles on the lower back in order bring relief to the individual suffering from sciatica pain.

It is always important for the patient and the therapist to have a healthy relationship. They should be able to communicate well with each other and keep communicating during the massage session. This is because the patient must feel comfortable during the session and stay in a relaxed state of mind. Also, the patient must tell the therapist exactly how he or she feels when the pressure is applied down the leg. With constant inputs from the patient, the therapist will fin various massage techniques for sciatica has resulted in cure for many sciatica patients.

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