Aromatherapy Baths are another method of using essential oils to relax and heal the body. You may add 5-10 drops of you favorite oil or oils to a warm bath. Plan on soaking for a minimum of 20 minutes to allow time to reap the benefits.

  • To bathe a very young child (all ages up to 3) use only 1 drop of essential oil in the bath and agitate well before placing the child in the water.

  • To make a bath for an older child 2-3 drops of essential oil mixed into their bath water will work perfectly.

Aromatherapy Showers are a choice if you are short on time. Use an Aromatherapy blended bath gel on a pouf and lather your body. You may also add drops of your favorite essential oil to and unscented gelee' thereby making your own aromatherapy body wash. You will feel refreshed and clean.

Foot Soaks are great for tired feet. Add 3-5 drops to a foot bath and sit back and relax. Your feet will feel great after a long day.

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