Here you find out about Aromatherapy Candles, what to look for when purchasing and how to make Your Own Aromatherapy Candle.

     Natural Soy Aromatherapy Candles
are a lovely way to add aromatherapy to your home.  Aromatherapy Candles smell good just sitting there and then when you light them they fill the room with fragrance in a different way.

     The gentle flickering of a candle is relaxing and stress relieving on its own but when you add in aromatherapy oils and it's even more so. Just as candles come in many different colors candles can be manufactured out of different things, some of which are not so nice.

     When choosing a candle for aromatherapy purposes one should choose those candles scented only with pure essential oils.   Synthetic scents just won't give you the same benefits and no matter what they call it  fragrance wise IT NEVER smells as good as the real deal.  Be informed when you shop and check that scented candle for the things you don't want.

     Does that "aromatherapy candle" contain  natural plant essences or is it a phony loaded with synthetic chemical perfume?

    Candles made out of paraffin wax don't burn as cleanly as those candles made out of soy.  If you are going to all the trouble of buying 100% natural essential oil candles shouldn't you avoid a paraffin wax which is a byproduct of the gasoline manufacturing process? 
     Soy wax is better to have in a candle because it is a natural product, burns longer,  and is cleaner  than the wax of conventional candles.  You can also find some wonderful beeswax candles which is another natural alternative.

      The next question is what is the wick made out of?  This aromatherapy candle is supposed to be healthful and benefit you.

     Good candles have been made with natural fiber wick material.  Remember the scare a few years ago with the lead in the wicks?  Know what your purchasing and buy your aromatherapy candles only from reputable sources.

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You Can Also Make Your Own Candles

     Take Aromatherapy to the next level by making your own candles.  With the growing number of craft stores increasing, candle making supplies are readily available. You will find that candle supplies are quite reasonable and that you can make an aromatherapy candle with your own personalized blend of essential oils. 
     Just make sure the candle wax is natural soy or beeswax before you make your purchase.
     The simplest aromatherapy candles to make are jar candles so save those jelly jars and recycle then in such a lovely way. Pillar candles take a little more experience.

      Checkout this easy recipe below.

Making Soy Candles The Easy Way!

By PJ Hall