Hy-dro-sols .......is defined as a colloidal suspension in water.

What are Hydrosols?

     Hydrosols are the byproduct resulting out of the steam distillation processing when extracting essential oils from flowers and plant materials. They are made up of water and plant oils. Hydrolates and hydrolytes are also other terms used in place of word hydrosols.

What Do they Smell Like?

     Hydrosols have a much lighter fragrance than essential oils and are best kept in the refrigerator. They usually look like water because that is what they are primarily made up of - distilled water and plant oils. They are clear with no color.  Hydrosols should not be confused with floral water. Floral water is simply water with an essential oil added to it.

Key Points to Remember:

  •      A true hydrosol comes out of the steam distillation processing of a plant or flower.

  •      Hydrosols also must be refrigerated to preserve it's shelf life.