Massage is another useful therapy to relieve stress, relax and revitalize oneself. Touching is one of the most basic forms of comfort and when combined with skilled hands and essential oils can do wonders.

How to do Massage Therapy:

Sometimes because of time or money we cannot get to a trained masseuse. That does not mean we cannot enjoy the benefits of massage ourselves or perform it for a loved one.

Blending Massage Oils:

Carrier oils are used to "carry" the essential oils onto our skin. Always use a vegetable based carrier oil when doing massage. Never use essential oils undiluted directly on your skin for massage as this is an overdose.

Pick essential oils for their scent as well as their healing benefits. The Aromatherapy aspects are just as important as the oil's properties. You want to enjoy the smell as well as the massage.

Massage for an Adult:

7 drops of essential oil to every 1/2 ounce (15ml) of Carrier Oil

Massage for a child:

3 drops essential oil to about 1 ounce (25 ml) of Carrier Oil

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