What is a Nebulizer?

     Nebulizers offer the most scientific way of delivering essential oils into the room. They release the essential oils in the smallest particle size possible quickly dispersing the aroma throughout the desired area.

     They are able to cover a much larger room than the other types of diffusers.  They often have timers incorporated into their design so that they can run periodically over a course of time releasing the aromas. This helps to keep the scent ever present and noticeable as one's nose can often become used to a scent.

     Nebulizers usually consist of a glass tube and a high pressure air pump to turn the essential oil into gas-like particles. 

     There is no risk of burning your oils with this method.

     There are also no chemical changes made to the essential oils as with other methods.  The oils are released in their purest of forms and fills the room with fragrance.

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